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Nobody goes to greater lengths than Three-C to make an automobile accident less stressful. Let us handle everything, from beginning to end.

Three-C Body Shops Collision Repair Columbus Ohio
Three-C Body Shops Collision Repair Columbus Ohio

Need an estimate? (Really, you don't.)

There’s no need to make a trip over to our facility for collision repair Columbus Ohio. Whether you’re at home or at the office, we’ll come to you with our Mobile Estimate Service to make the initial estimate. Even easier, you can fill out the estimate form right here, or just upload a photo of the damage and we will email you the estimate.

Need a tow?

If you’re at the scene of the accident and your car needs to be towed, let us come get it for you. We’ve got a simple piece of technology (it’s an app) we call the Pink Button. Just push it, and we’ll do the rest!

Need a car to drive in the meantime?

Three-C Body Shop maintains a fleet of rental cars, and there’s a great reason you should let us set you up with one. Insurers can limit the number of days they’ll cover a rental, often causing the body shop to rush the repairs. Not at Three-C. If you’re using one of our rental cars and the time for quality repair work goes beyond the number of days allotted by your insurance provider, we will not charge you the difference if the delay is caused by Three-C due to errors in our process.