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Our Auto Body Repair Process

The Customer is Concern Number One.

Upon arrival, your damaged vehicle will be thoroughly inspected and a primary damage analysis will be finalized and extended to your insurance company.

With your approval and authorization, the damaged portion of your vehicle will be disassembled and that area, along with the rest of the vehicle, will be re-evaluated for hidden damage. If a supplemental damage analysis is required for hidden damage, Three-C Body Shop will facilitate approval of this supplemental amount of repair work with the insurance company.

The Insuring Party is Concern Number Two

Over 50 years of experience “insures” your policy holder of receiving the best collision repair in the Midwest.

More importantly, a full justification, line-item damage analysis will provide the assistance necessary in settling even the most complex claim. Communications are enhanced by positioning Three-C Body Shop as the liaison among all parties concerned.

By placing Three-C Body Shop at the apex of this communication triangle, the customers are guaranteed of receiving expedient, thorough repairs within a competitive budget acceptable to all parties.

The Referring Party is Concern Number Three

Whether you are the “originator of sale” of the vehicle, a previously satisfied client, or an insurance agent, Three-C Body Shop’s professional, courteous staff will reinforce your decision to recommend us in the first place. Taking your recommendation and ensuring that it results in a very satisfied customer is our primary objective. Three-C Body Shop takes pride in knowing that you have placed your trust in us.

When all three concerned parties are involved in one ultimate objective — that of customer satisfaction, Three-C Body Shop proves time and time again, it is “The Finest In Collision Repair.”

Vehicle Assessment

When your damaged vehicle arrives, we will immediately put the “wheels” in motion. Assisted by the newest computer software, our estimators will carefully identify each damaged component of your vehicle, enabling us to provide an accurate, thorough estimate to submit to your insurance company.

Then we will immediately help you make alternative arrangements for you own transportation. Because we understand the hassles of not having your own vehicle, we have built a full fleet of rental cars available to all of our customers.

Upon approval of the initial estimate by your insurance company, we take yet another hard look at the damage to your vehicle. The damaged area is disassembled and re-evaluated for hidden damage. And any vehicle that is suspected to have structural damage or frame damage is measured by one of our state-of-the-art laser body scanners.

If any additional hidden damages are found though this in-depth evaluation, the insurance company will be immediately notified and arrangements will be made so that your vehicle will by returned to its pre-accident condition.

Frame Adjustment

To ensure proper fitting, Three-C Body Shop technicians use multiple pulls to correct the impact damage to your vehicle. The pulling process is continuously measured by a computer system known as “The Genesis.” The Genesis is an electronic measuring system which utilizes an intricate series of laser beams to accurately measure each movement. The Genesis computer then analyzes the measurements and show our technicians exactly how to correct the damage to factory tolerances.

Quality Parts

After the frame of your vehicle has been corrected to pre-accident condition and within factory tolerances, we can correct or replace all other damaged parts. But unlike many body shops, Three-C uses Original Equipment Manufacturers’ parts with your insurance company’s approval. Imitation parts are not always as good as the original, and we believe our customers should be assured of a top quality repair. After all, you pay premiums month after month just to have the assurance that your car will always be protected. Using substandard parts can put the condition of the car in jeopardy. In most of the newer vehicles, the tolerance for error in the frame of a vehicle is no more that the thickness of a dime. If these tolerances aren’t met and the damage to your frame is not properly corrected, you may have improper tie wear, poor handling, poorly fitted body panels, or a multitude of other problems that may have been caused by the damage.


After all of the body and frame damage is corrected on your vehicle, we will apply two to three coats of the finest quality, catalyzed, urethane primer surfacer. The primer meets or exceeds all manufacturer specifications for paint preparation and is applied in a clean, quality-controlled environment. This helps to ensure that the repair is invisible.

When the surface imperfections have been removed and the vehicle is ready for refinishing, the next step is to mix the proper color for your vehicle. All of our color mixing is completed inside our own facility with two PPG touch Mix Computer systems. The computers show the correct amount of pigment to add to the formula to guarantee a good color match. The computer even has shading tips for your custom-color match needs.

Your vehicle is now ready for paint-prep in one or our down draft preparation stations. The preparation includes everything from sanding the surface to the affected panels to masking and cleaning your vehicle.

After the surface of your vehicle has been properly prepared and the color properly prepared and the color properly mixed, it is time to begin the refinishing process in one of the country’s best-equipped refinishing departments. We apply an epoxy primer coat, base coat color and an acrylic urethane clear coat all in our “DeVilbiss” concept cure-down draft spray booth. After the proper painting materials are applied, the finish is then baked to ensure that your vehicle meets or exceeds factory specifications.

Before sending your vehicle to the detail department, it is given four-wheel alignment on our Hunter Infrared computerized alignment rack. The alignment is a must for quality repair as it ensures proper performance, quality handling and even tire wear.

After all of your vehicle’s repairs are completed, your vehicle will be cleaned inside and out, including washing, machine polishing, pin striping, undercoating, vacuuming and conditioning the vinyl and leather pieces.


Please contact us if you have any question about our process or our auto body repair services in Columbus, Ohio.

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