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The Pink Button

Auto accidents are no longer stressful and disruptive in the Columbus, OH area with the Pink Button!

If you’re in an accident, Three-C Body Shops offers full accident-scene service at no charge, simply by pushing the pink button.

No more standing on the side of the road searching for towing services, searching for a garage to take the damaged vehicle to, waiting for a friend or relative to pick you up so you can carry on with your day.

Just push the button and here’s what happens:

  • Your GPS location is sent to us and we call you immediately to confirm you need help.
  • We’ll then launch a tow truck and a loaner car (if you need one) to your location.
  • We’ll take the car back to Three-C while you go on about your day.
  • We’ll handle everything with your insurance company, we’ll fix your car right, we’ll detail it, and we’ll call you to come pick it up! All for free*.

Download the app now from Google Play or the App Store!

Pink Button App on iPhone

If you want to understand exactly how the app works, and see it in action, watch this short video about the Pink Button:

* Your normal insurance deductible applies.